Corporate and Business Law


The Law Office of Timothy J. Hannan represents small, midsize and large businesses, including real estate, construction, environmental engineering, consulting and technology companies. Our comprehensive business law services include business formation and organization, advice and counsel, transactions, contracts, leases, and dispute resolution.

Our expertise applies at every stage of the business cycle, from start-up to shut down. We believe in preventative lawyering, and work hard to resolve issues before they become time-consuming and expensive business problems. We are expert litigators, but know that most court cases are best avoided. We win consistently solid results in all types of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.

We have a depth of experience in both transactional and trial work. This gives us an advantage in protecting clients’ interests, because we understand the rights and obligations arising from contracts, and know how transactions can unwind during disputes. We deliver cost-effective results through lean staffing and by using the best technology to provide a full scope of service without high overhead expense. We partner with other specialized, client-focused law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area if we need greater scope on some larger transactions or complex litigation. We also have an extensive network of business and professional relationships to connect our clients with services and resources they need to reach their goals.

The bottom line is that we know the businesses we represent and provide clients with the services they need to grow and thrive. Contact us at 707.578.0903 or by email.